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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Portal Integration

Maxpro, Inc provides services in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions integration to help our clients in automating the enterprise interactions, and to improve workflows across the companies. Our solutions are typically integrated with Supply Chain, HR and Payroll systems, E-Commerce and CRM applications. Our team combines solutions approach, experienced project teams, offshore delivery, and strong technology practices in solutions like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Microsoft and Compiere.

Some of the results our clients have achieved by outsourcing ERP solutions integration to Maxpro, Inc:

Enabled better performance of several systems (E-commerce, CRM, Accounting)

Improved information accuracy (ETL, OLAP, BI)

Improved information workflow throughout the organization

Our ERP Solutions offerings include:

Business Processes Workflow Analysis.

Functonal and technical consulting.

ERP Portal Implementation.

Integration with legacy applications or other systems.

Web enabling and integration with mobile components.

Implementation of ERP solutions according to the business needs allows improving information workflows across corporate layers and enable employees to make quick decisions to improve:

Ordering and Fulfillment


Inventory Control

Logistics and Distribution


ERP Implementations Case Studies:

- Corporate Customer ERP Project for an electronics manufacturing company.

- ERP Projects Case Studies

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