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CRM Solutions will Boos the Performance

Integrated core systems will contribute to effective and efficient customer intimacy

Because many business managers have experienced or read about CRM implementations gone awry, they are savvier about the related problems. The challenge has not changed, neither has the goal. It is still every company's aim to deliver greater satisfaction through service, sales and support that are informed by a consistent, comprehensive understanding of the individual customer. What is different today is the understanding that a CRM application cannot guarantee that personnel will use CRM technology to improve business performance. Employees use purpose-built systems for marketing, sales or resource planning. They also use basic communication and information systems, from the telephone to email and scheduling software. But when these tools are not connected, valuable customer information gets lost. These conditions contribute to the isolation of important aspects of customer interaction into "stovepipes" of understanding, virtually trapping an important exchange that took place during a web conference, or locking data in a hosted sales force automation solution, such that the call centre, service and support personnel cannot find out what a customer just purchased.

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