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We, at Maxpro, Inc understand that success of any project depends on the quality of communication between the client and the development team.

We deliver projects using RUP, Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies; these methodologies ensure that regular communication is established with the client and we can incorporate clients' feedbacks on an ongoing basis. In addition, for projects with onshore-offshore delivery model, face to face communication between the client and the onshore team helps in building trust. Here, onshore team regularly communicates with the offshore team to seamlessly transfer the business requirements to the development team.

We use web meetings (web-ex, net meeting), instant messaging, e-mails, regular phone calls, phone calls via VOIP and video conferencing to ensure smooth communication. Our team overlaps time with the US work hours depending on their responsibilities; thereby ensuring that global time zone difference does not impact the project.

Our facilities (development center and remote management center) are open 24x7 to ensure smooth functioning despite the time difference. We use time difference to our advantage by ensuring that the issues are resolved as soon as possible.

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