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Real-Time 3D Modeling and Design

Our experts combine significant experience and domain expertise in creation of highly detailed and artistic 3D models in polygons, NURBS or other types of 3D geometry. Once you contact us they will closely work with you to add specific detail, resolution, and grouping.

Our modeling methods and formats may vary depending on the desired functionality and particular requirements of a project. For example, creation models for games requires an entirely different approach from creating models for a 3D models catalog.

Primary tools that used for 3D Modeling include Discreet's 3D Studio Max, Lattice Designer, Maya and ArchiCAD. The 3D objects could be delivered in a variety of industry-standard file formats including 3DS, OBJ, VRML, XVL, GDL, etc.

Maxpro Inc has extensive experience in producing real-time 3D models for e-commerce portals. Over the last three years, we have created over 1000 real-time 3D models for different clients. All these models can be viewed using a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape). Real-time Internet 3D models are now widely used in the e-commerce business to help the customers make an informed purchase decision. They allow you to see different views of an object in all perspectives and from actually any point. You may rotate and manipulate the objects any way you like, to get a clear visible picture of the product before you decide whether to buy it or not.

If you need real-time Internet 3D models for your Game production, Web portal or e-commerce store, for additional information.

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